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22 and 23 November 2017

The IDGTE 9th International Gas Turbine Conference is to be held at Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre near St. Neots, Bedfordshire.  The event is set  to deliver an excellent technical programme. Places can now be booked.

Conference Theme “The Role of the Gas Turbine in Today’s Global Power Industry and other International Power Applications”   <Conference Brochure>

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Our mission is to serve our members and the industry by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and advancing the design, development, manufacture, application, operation and maintenance of reciprocating internal combustion engines, gas turbines and their related fields. We strive to be the place where all involved in the power and engine industries can develop their knowledge in the field of diesel engines, gas engines, gas turbines and related technologies.

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IDGTE programme

Gas Turbine Market Trends

It has been reported very recently by one source that Global Gas Turbine Market has been estimated to be worth £14 Billion in 2017 with a projection that this will reach a £16 Billion by 2022. Gas Turbine World has also recently reported on the world market for industrial gas turbines predicting that the Electricity Utility, Oil & Gas sectors will order over 600GW of gas turbine capacity over the next 10 years. The total value of this market is estimated by GT World to be around £130 Billion with an aftermarket value of over £175 Billion.

Another source predicts that from 2017-2031 unit production of 21,200 industrial gas and steam turbines. This is shown as around 1400 industrial gas turbines being produced every year for the next 15 years. It is predicted that gas turbine market shares by region will be 31% Europe, 31% North America, 16% Asia and 22% elsewhere.

The reported reasons for the forecasted growth in demand for power worldwide, includes the growth in shale gas exploration, increasing investment in energy and power sector by governments and others, rapid urbanisation, and industrialization. Fluctuations in the global power generation Industry and economic benefit of coal power generation is still forecast to restrict its growth in some major countries.

Join the IDGTE  9th International Conference and learn more about these developments and find out how the gas turbine industry is planning to meet these needs.


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Annual General Meeting

For those unable to attend the recent AGM, a copy of the Report and Accounts to June 2017 are available for download (click on image)

Following the meeting presentations were given by:

Adam Wray-Summerson, Major Project Specialist, Clarke Energy on

“An Insight into the Latest Developments on Gas Engine Technology and Appropriate Engine Selection”, and

Joris van der List, Energy Product Line Manager, Q8 Oils on

“New Synthetic Gas Engine Oil Ranges Mahler GR5 and GR8”

Iif you would like to receive pdfs of these presentations please email

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In March 2016 ICE, IET and IMechE commissioned John Uff QC to lead a review of UK professional

engineering. In response the three institutions have agreed to put in place five work streams. These are:

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IDGTE needs people to volunteer to take on various very rewarding tasks that open opportunities for personal development and achievement of CPD.  

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If would like to become an IDGTE Ambassador please contact IDGTE Bedford office.


It is intended that the programme includes topics of interest to our membership and the industry worldwide. In 2018 we plan to continue delivering high quality papers days as well as our seminars and conferences.  The theme of these events will include current and topical subjects relevant to members, plant users and today’s reciprocating engine and gas turbine industries.  

We invite you to send in your ideas and get involved in the organisation of these events.  You are invited to propose papers for consideration.

Your help is welcome and needed. To be part of the programme please contact IDGTE Bedford office with your comments now.