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Mogden Sewage

Treatment Works

Mogden Lane,

Isleworth  TW7 7LR

Thursday 27 October 2016 AT 10.30am

Thames Water has kindly invited IDGTE members and their guests to visit the Mogden Sewage Treatment Works to view the Mirrlees KP Major dual fuel engines in their last period of operation before retirement.

The treatment works was originally developed in 1931 covering 55 hectares and is the second largest in the UK, serving around 2 million people. There have been various updates in the plant over the past 85 years and there is a £31million investment in hand at present, which includes the installation of a CHP scheme with new engines.

Please contact IDGTE if you wish to attend this visit.

Papers Day -

University of Lincoln

18 October 2016


Combustion and Ignition IC Engines (Reciprocating and Rotary)

The day will include papers on Training Philosophy for Gas Turbine Operation and Customer Support, Designs for the Optimisation of Gas Mixing and Ignition, Laser Ignition Project, Remote Diagnostics STARMs Project, Dynamic Balancing of Long Thin High Speed Shafts, lunch and a tour of Siemens International Training Facility.

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If you wish to attend please e:mail enquiries@idgte.org or telephone (01234) 214340

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IDGTE Annual Report & Accounts 2015

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        Technology Seminar & 70th Annual Luncheon

The 2017 IDGTE technology seminar and annual luncheon is to be held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.  This will comprise a morning seminar session, followed by the traditional luncheon and guest speakers in the afternoon.

Participation/sponsorship opportunities

We would be pleased to hear from companies with interests in the gas turbine, reciprocating engine, power generation and distribution or related fields, who would like to participate in the seminar session by offering a presentation on their area of expertise.  Applications should be made to the IDGTE Bedford office.  A variety of sponsorship packages are available to include participation in the seminar session, exhibition space and table(s) at the Luncheon.

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Book your places now and take the opportunity to network with members, clients and colleagues both old and new, plus the chance to hear and engage with internationally renowned speakers.

Thursday 20 April 2017

Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London