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Welcome to IDGTE

Our mission is to serve our members and the industry by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and advancing the design, development, manufacture, application, operation and maintenance of reciprocating internal combustion engines, gas turbines and their related fields. We strive to be the place where all involved in the power and engine industries can develop their knowledge in the field of diesel engines, gas engines, gas turbines and related technologies.

You are invited to be part of IDGTE. Join a unique professional organisation dedicated to your industry and extend your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by participating in IDGTE meetings, technical visits and networking opportunities.

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It is intended that the programme includes topics of interest to our membership and the industry worldwide. In 2018 we plan to continue delivering high quality papers days as well as our seminars and conferences.  The theme of these events will include current and topical subjects relevant to members, plant users and today’s reciprocating engine and gas turbine industries.  

We invite you to send in your ideas and get involved in the organisation of these events.  You are invited to propose papers for consideration.

Your help is welcome and needed. To be part of the programme please contact IDGTE Bedford office with your comments now.


In March 2016 ICE, IET and IMechE commissioned John Uff QC to lead a review of UK professional

engineering. In response the three institutions have agreed to put in place five work streams. These are:

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IDGTE needs people to volunteer to take on various very rewarding tasks that open opportunities for personal development and achievement of CPD.  

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If would like to become an IDGTE Ambassador please contact IDGTE Bedford office.

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ONE DAY SEMINAR:  Emissions from Reciprocating Engines and their Abatement  IGEM House, Kegworth

Tuesday 18th September 2018                                        Seminar Programme & Booking Form>

The seminar is intended to:

-   Forecast where exhaust emission regulations in UK/Europe are likely to go in the short term – say 2025.

-   Establish what abatement technologies are available (or being developed) to achieve the anticipated ELVs. Evidence of how well existing techniques work in practice is especially valuable.

-   Establish the cost implications of abatement and thus the likely impact on market prospects for generators.

-   Will H2 supply (and fuel cells) become significant players?


29 & 30 September 2018

A weekend social event in Wales has been organised based around visiting the Internal Fire Museum of Power at Tanygroes near Cardigan.

The event programme is based on two previous successful IDGTE weekend visits to the same location over the past decade. The event starts with a trip on the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway and can conclude with a visit to the National Trust property at Llanerchaeron.

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As promised, please find below links for pdfs of the presentations given at this year's technology seminar:

Preventive maintenance strategies and effective lubrication for aggressive gas engine applications

Sandy Reid-Peters, ExxonMobil

Materials Solutions - A Siemens Business; Industrializing Additive Manufacturing

Phil Hatherley, Siemens

Low cost oil analysis can be expensive!

Don Wootton, Spectro | Jet-Care

Are we meeting the real world diesel emissions controls challenge?

Malcolm Bull, Ricardo UK Ltd, Shoreham Technical Centre


IDGTE is pleased to announce that a team is now being formed to re-introduce the Annual

Operational Report since we realise how important this report is to all our members. An

announcement is being sent out to members with the latest Power Engineer and Ronald Hunt

has agreed to head up a team leading the revival of report. All interest to assist will be welcomed.

Past Contributors are asked to send in a return and assist us to have a report issued by end of 2018.

Potential contributors are asked if it will be possible to provide data for three consecutive years.

IDGTE is keen to have the report cover all generating plant including reciprocating engines, gas

turbines, combined cycle plants and conventional steam plant.   

An updated return is now availoable with a Renewables tab - all contributors are invited to

include a Renewables report as appropriate.

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