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The IDGTE organises bespoke conferences, symposia and other events, with a view to bringing the industry together and sharing developments in the industry with the experienced as well as the up and coming young engineers. Although the primary focus is on prime movers there are always papers concerning ancillary equipment and services.

One of our normal formats is the two day event, where time is provided for questions to an expert panel of lecturers and adequate time given to exchanging more information over lunch and evening meals.



Opportunities for Flexible Technology in an Evolving Energy System

at IGEM House, Kegworth  DE74 2DA

Tuesday 13 September 2016  

It is becoming increasingly clear that investors and utilities are reluctant to commit to the construction of new gas-fired generation plant of significant scale to replace the older coal stations. Uncertainties of financial return are the likely main reason – as well as being somewhat at the mercy of Government policy changes. Existing coal stations are uneconomic when operating in a balancing/capacity margin role in the grid system because of low utilisation – and can close earlier than anticipated as happened with part of Fiddlers Ferry earlier in 2016.

This seminar will discuss the steps to be taken to ensure supplies are maintained and demand managed – particularly should we have a cold winter between now and 2020 – as well as presenting current experience of operation under the existing balancing initiatives such as the Capacity market, STOR, SBR and Demand Response.

However such situations where the generation margin is slim or even potentially negative do provide opportunities for new forms of plant and energy storage to be progressed with more urgency. These could include, for instance, a resurgence of interest in pumped hydro and the use of automobile electric car batteries as electrical energy stores – either new or used.

This is a “follow-on” seminar to the successful IDGTE seminar held last September on “Technologies required to balance the Grid” and highlights the changes that have occurred during the last year – an update on an evolving situation.

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