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The IDGTE organises bespoke conferences, symposia and other events, with a view to bringing the industry together and sharing developments in the industry with the experienced as well as the up and coming young engineers. Although the primary focus is on prime movers there are always papers concerning ancillary equipment and services.



Emerging opportunities for Gas Engine Plant in the power generation portfolio

at IGEM House, Kegworth  DE74 2DA

Tuesday 26 September 2017                                                                                                                                                                   sponsored by

A one-day seminar is being held at IGEM House in Kegworth.  The companies giving presentations include National Grid, GE Jenbacher, Centrica, Chevron Products UK Ltd, Wärtsilä, Infinis, Siemens plc, UK Research Centre for Electrical Storage & Applications - University of Sheffield and Flexitricity.

The background

Current evidence strongly suggests a resurgence of interest in gas-fuelled plant in the UK – both based on gas engines and gas turbines. As the coal stations have been reducing output since their recent peak in 2012, the major part of the

shortfall has been provided by gas generation – alongside the increase in renewables, especially wind and biomass.

The concern about capacity margin, as renewable generation continues to increase and coal generation declines further, underlines the need for “clean” replacement flexible generation to provide balancing capacity when needed. With heightened concern about pollution, natural gas would be the

fuel of choice.

Whilst there is considerable uncertainty about the future generation mix, some excerpts from National Grid’s FES 2016 are particularly relevant to this seminar:

Currently 23% of installed capacity is not directly connected to the high-voltage network.

Small-scale gas and diesel reciprocating engines are currently the preferred technologies for investors. They have advantages over large-scale conventional plant both in terms of reduced capital costs, avoidance of Transmission Network Use of System costs, and the ability to access multiple markets within the energy sector. This unlocks potential revenues that are not necessarily available to transmission-connected generators.

There is a considerable amount of growth predicted in these technologies up to the mid-2020s, with small scale thermal plant providing between 2.7GW to 4.5GW of generation capacity across the range of scenarios considered.

Larger new Low Carbon plant, such as Nuclear and CCS, are planned in addition to expansion of Renewables, but it may be anticipated that new nuclear and CCS are likely to be delayed towards 2030 and beyond. Certainly there is a concern about lack of new investment/delays within Government.

This seminar is aimed at gas engine based plant, its development, operational experience and market roles. IDGTE is planning its 9th International Gas Turbine conference in November 2017 which should complement the gas engine focus of this seminar.



The Role of the Gas Turbine in Today’s Global Power Industry and other International Power Applications

At Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre near St. Neots, Bedfordshire                                                                   Main sponsor

Workshop Tuesday afternoon 21 November 2017                                                                                                                  

Conference Wednesday & Thursday 22 & 23 November 2017

About the conference

Since the IDGTE International Gas Turbine conference was first introduced 18 years ago, IDGTE has successfully run this biennial event with top quality international speakers bringing the very latest developments in gas turbine technology and operations. The 2017 event is being held at the first class conference facility at Wyboston Lakes and is set to deliver an excellent technical programme, providing a great networking event. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Role of the Gas Turbine in Today’s Global Power Industry and other International Power Applications”.

The background

Over the last few years there has been a strong resurgence of interest in gas-fuelled plant in the UK – initially based on peaking gas engines, but with increasing recognition that flexible and efficient gas turbines are essential to replace the large amounts of coal and nuclear generation now facing imminent closure. Over the same period generation from coal fired generation has been reducing since the peak in 2012 and the major part of the shortfall in electricity supplies has been delivered by existing CCGT plants and the increase in output from renewables.

The increasing capacity contribution from renewable generation brings essential reductions in CO2 emissions, however its inherent unpredictability also increases the requirement for flexible and clean generation that can deliver reliable balancing capacity for extended periods when needed. With heightened concerns about both global and local pollution, natural gas is the fuel of first choice for this role.

The conference will explore the resurgent and developing market for gas turbines and the latest technologies from around the globe. The opportunity will be provided to hear about the full range of gas turbine applications. Presenters will share their experience and provide the ideal forum for networking. If you or your company has an interest in gas turbine technology or combined cycle power generation, then this is the place to be this November.

Register as a delegate and join with others in the industry for this unique and prestigious event.