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Operational report

The Institution has compiled this unique report since 1923 and continues today to bring a compilation of independent “user focus” data for conventional prime mover types, as well as expanding to report on alternative fuels and comparison to alternative prime mover technologies.  Prime movers for Industrial, Marine and Rail Traction are applications of interest.

The report is published as hard and electronic copy and provides valuable feedback of information to all sectors of the industry. It has a particular “User focus”  with problems, solutions and an immense amount of data showing plant operational statistics of availability, fuel consumption, oil consumption, operating and fuel costs. Example of published data - WCRpubdata

Its value depends on the quality of input and we encourage all those interested in the compiled data on a worldwide basis, to participate.It is not necessary to be a member of the Institution to contribute or to receive a copy of the report, although of course membership is preferred, and it does allow access to the Members Only area.

Complimentary copies are provided to those non-members providing a material amount of data and for whom we have contact details.

It is recognised that some operators are not able to release specific data for commercial reasons and bearing this in mind there are three levels of input.

Please provide operational notes with problems and solutions if you can, as this greatly increases the value of the end result.

1.     Completely Anonymous

Provide completed operational data on template form provided below or any other reasonable format, for prime movers being reciprocating engines, gas turbines or alternative prime movers such as wind, wave, etc.

Google search “google mail”   Open your own account with a unique user name.   Add the IDGTE email address in Contacts and send us an email that cannot be traced back to the originator. We can then send an electronic copy of the report on completion, to this anonymous email address.

2.     Not Disclosed - specific data, or power station location

Emailing completed or substantially completed forms clearly stating this option will be given a “first contact” receipt date and time reference number to retain confidentiality. Data then feeding statistical models for the direct benefit, especially of contributors, will be compiled on plant duty, engine type and fuel type categories.

3.     Provision of full data with permission to publish as presented.

As option 2, with specific power station and related operational data available for publication.

All options: 

If you wish to use the templates; p
lease save the appropriate files onto your computer and when completed as far as possible, return by email under a different file name that includes your WCR reference (if you have one). If you are a new contributor we will allocate a reference number upon receipt of your first submission.

The basic data then remains the same; operational information then being updated each year prior to emailing. You will find that these forms auto-calculate to standard measures of availability, utilisation etc for you.

Download the Operational Report Return Form - Template here


Download the Operational Report Return Form - Sample Data here


Download the Operational Report Return Form - Guidance Notes here


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries -