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Peter Tottman - President

Tony Hancock - Deputy President

John Platt - Immediate Past President


New council members are elected at the AGM

each year.  If you would be interested in being

nominated please contact us.

Trustee Board

Peter Tottman                                                                       

Tony Hancock           

John Platt                           

John Blowes                          

Stan Archer                           

Ronald Hunt

George Cooper

Peter Tottman

Advisory Council   

John Alderson

Alan Dempsey

Tony Hancock

Paul Harrison

Andrew Madge

Ignacio Martin Garcia

Miroslaw Wyszinski     


Trevor Owen

Dr Jakub Piaszyk

David Robbins

Said Mazigh        


Mike Raine                  

Carole Carrington

Sandra  Redfern

Who’s who

The IDGTE Trustee Board and Advisory Council are made up volunteers from all areas of the diesel and gas turbine industry.

Alan Cubbon


Deputy President

Immediate Past President

Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Secretary



Company Secretary

MENA Branch

Director General Administration Officer Administration Officer