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Operational report

IDGTE is well on its way with collecting data for this year's operational report and the working group is delighted to once more invite you to submit a return. The guidance notes and return forms together with a sample are now available to download here. The operational report provides guidance and benchmark performance indices to users of reciprocating engines, gas turbines and combined cycle plants worldwide.  

As reported in the September Power Engineer we are seeking the help of members, plant owners and operators to provide data for the 2018 Annual Operational Report since we are aware how important this report is to the industry.

It is pleasing to announce that excellent progress has been made with a number of returns already having been submitted from various plants around the World.

IDGTE is keen to have the 2018 report cover all generating plant including reciprocating engines, gas turbines, combined cycle plants and conventional steam plant. An updated return is now available with a Renewables tab and all contributors are invited to include a Renewables report as appropriate.

We wish to ask all past contributors to send IDGTE their returns as soon as possible so that the working group can have the report prepared by the end of 2018. Every return covering a single 12 months period is most welcome however contributors are also being asked if it will be possible to provide data for additional years, this of course is optional.

This is a great opportunity for IDGTE members and we will be very pleased to have your further support by contributing to this report and to Owners and Operators of plant who have not yet responded to let us have their return as soon as possible.

Offers of assistance will be appreciated especially in the different regions across the globe.  If you can become a regional Operational Report Ambassador and help by communicating with others to encourage their support please let us know.

For further information please contact IDGTE office in Bedford, United Kingdom.

The following documents can be downloaded:

Invitation Letter                                 Guidance Notes                                       Return Form                                            Sample Return

Download the 2018 Operationa Report invitation letter here